Bullet DIY Arcade Cabinet

Een plat pakket doe-het-zelf versie van Retro Space

DIY Arcade Cabinet thumbnail image

Bullet Mission Control

Reception desk at entrance of Dutch Game Garden Utrecht

Mission Control thumbnail image

Bullet Future Space

26 arcade cabinets for Dutch Game Garden

Future Space thumbnail image

Bullet M+ M- ???

Redesign of the classic office desk calculator within 1 hour

M+ M- ??? thumbnail image

Bullet Pac Man LACK Hack

Hacking Ikea table with Sega Megadrive or Pac Man inside

Pac Man LACK Hack thumbnail image

Bullet Retro Space

Modern arcade cabinet for home use

Retro Space thumbnail image

Bullet Fake Wanders

The lamp is a joke. I had no space to place the Big Shadow Lamp by Marcel Wanders. I also liked the idea of the Fake Lamp by Sophie Krier, but not its shape. I mixed them and created the Fake Wanders. Definitely not for sale.