Bullet This Is No School

Vision on learning written for teacher degree program

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Bullet 2kB of Fun

The incredible world of handheld video games from ‘76-’85

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Bullet Katakana Converter

Tool to convert Rōmaji, Katakana and ASCII/UTF-8

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Bullet Trophy for Men

A man is a real man, if welding is what he can!

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Bullet Lost in Navigation

A new and usable subway map for the biggest city on earth: Tokyo

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Bullet Low Bandwith

When the design of Retro Space was finished, we needed a matching website.
Because of the presumption that Retro Space could become a hit on the internet, we tried to make the website as small as possible. We did not want the website to crash on bandwidth problems.

Matching the style of the retro games, the website is designed in pixel art. All elements except some product shots are GIF images in 4 colours. It's just like the early years of internet when bandwidth was scarce.

Bullet Little Mermaid

A design for a new metro map for Copenhagen

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Bullet Wanda Wanders

A digital magazine on sustainability, photography, cityscape and opinion

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