Bullet This Is No School

Vision on learning written for teacher degree program

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Bullet 2kB of Fun

Never has a consumer electronic product seen such an extravagant variety in case design as early handheld games from 1976-1985. Never have computer games been so beautifully reduced to their essence as these handhelds offered. Never did 2Kb of memory offer so much fun.

1983 was the best year with top titles like Amidar, Astro Thunder 7, Burger Time, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, Q*bert, Super-Cobra and Zaxxon.

Martijn Koch, architect from the Netherlands bought 180 of the best handheld games, photographed them, took them apart, analysed their tech, and put all the material together in this stunning book, a catalog like you never saw before.

Bullet Katakana Converter

Tool to convert Rōmaji, Katakana and ASCII/UTF-8

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Bullet Trophy for Men

A man is a real man, if welding is what he can!

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Bullet Lost in Navigation

A new and usable subway map for the biggest city on earth: Tokyo

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Bullet Low Bandwith

Website for Retro Space

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Bullet Little Mermaid

A design for a new metro map for Copenhagen

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Bullet Wanda Wanders

A digital magazine on sustainability, photography, cityscape and opinion

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