Katakana Unicode UTF-8 ⇆ ASCII character set conversion, Katakana ⇆ Rōmaji

This tool is made for those working with Japanese Katakana in page design work. It allows conversion of UTF-8 text to the smaller ASCII Katakana charset used in most designer fonts. As a check for non native Japanese, the Katakana is also converted to Rōmaji. In Rōmaji it is easier to understand the meaning of the Katakana characters. The converter works in any direction. Just mark the field you want to convert.

Some ASCII Katakana fonts have a slightly different position for the less common characters (for example the ones with a handakuten marker ゜). Try one of the different ASCII sets when needed. A maximum of 500 characters can be converted at once.

To enter chōonpu in Rōmaji, you can either use the UTF-8 characters, a regular forward accent or a double vowel (ā,ē,ī,ō,ū,á,é,í,ó,ú,aa,ee,ii,oo,uu are all accepted). This way it is easier to type Rōmaji on a regular keyboard.

Enjoy this free tool!

ASCII Set 1 プ→K,ー→\ ASCII Set 1a プ→K,ー→[ ASCII Set 2 プ→!,ー→_ ASCII Set 2a プ→!,ー→@

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