Bullet Ping Pong Gates

An user friendly transit gate for the blind

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Bullet 2P Cinema

Watch two movies yet keep cuddling.

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Bullet The Manual Printer

Not 10 books, but only the one in your language

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Bullet Multi Phone

Patent number: 200803

The telephone is a short sighted device. You can buy it as GSM, and it will work just as GSM. You can buy a Skype phone, it will work just on Skype. You can buy a DECT hand set, and it will only work on your land line. So you have 3 phones and 3 address books to keep synchronised.

This horror comes to an end with the Multi Phone. This telephone works with your DECT network, with 2 GSM/3G/4G networks (one for private calls and one for work) or using VOIP over UMTS or WiFi. The built in secretary handles missed calls and puts you through another account when needed. Growl makes sure all contacts know of your status and establishes the optimum connection. And it will save money too.

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Bullet Made 4 Men

A logo for products for real men

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Bullet Boxed engine

An universal environmental friendly engine for vintage cars

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Bullet Couple bed cover

Everyone his/her own temperature

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Bullet North Korea Camera

A camera for save photographing at the front line

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